About Our Company

Our Mission

To help men find
recovery from addiction.

Our mission at STAR Recovery Center is to provide the highest level of personalized care in substance abuse treatment to each man who enters our facility and ultimately improve the overall quality of life for men struggling with addiction and substance use difficulties.

Our Philosophy

We believe that
each client is different.

STAR Recovery Center is an experienced group of professionals in the field of chemical dependency treatment. We accept the responsibility to set the standard of treatment that is respected and emulated within the field of chemical dependency treatment. The staff at STAR Recovery Center will perform their duties at the highest level of professionalism, applying our treatment consistent with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level of Care.

STAR Recovery Center understands that men and women have unique needs during the process of detox and stabilization, so we offer a gender-specific facility for men only. Our mission is to provide high-quality treatment services for the specific needs of men challenged with substance abuse and/or alcoholism. We believe that addiction is a treatable disease. We believe that treating the disease involves addressing long-standing behavior patterns caused by underlying issues that can be addressed in counseling. We believe that after the client successfully completes the detoxification process, the 12-Step program provides strong support for the abstinence required to continue on the road to recovery.


Our Promise to You

Passion, dedication
and results

At STAR Recovery Center, we strive to provide professional, timely, effective and individualized interventions to assist our clients. We value each client’s potential and we work hard to help our clients recognize and identify their own potential to assist them in a successful path to recovery. We understand that clients are in treatment to learn how to live their lives effectively and we do not expect them to have all the answers. We recognize relapse can be a part of recovery. We understand and accept that a critical element of treatment is educating the client in making effective and productive choices/changes, which is accomplished by focusing on positive rather than negative skills, attitudes, and behaviors.

First, foremost and always, clients at STAR Recovery Center will be treated with dignity, respect, and understanding. We teach and promote client accountability, responsibility and honesty. We provide client-focused treatment, respecting our clients’ choices, concerns, individual needs, and expectations for their own treatment. We respect and treat our clients as individuals and refrain from any categorical classifications, assumptions or actions.

Our Staff

A Team That Cares

Your New Life Awaits You…

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