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As a residential detoxification facility, STAR Recovery Center’s purpose is to provide a facility where clients can achieve safe and supportive withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. All clients will receive comprehensive chemical dependency treatment that is consistent with established State standards. The detoxification program is individually tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. STAR Recovery Center strives to facilitate each client’s smooth transition into ongoing treatment services aftercare effectively.


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Intake & Assessment

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Upon admission, clients are interviewed and an intake and assessment is performed to gather personal information to help identify current situation, issues and needs. Staff interviews the potential client about his history of alcohol/drug use and mental stability to determine if they meet the criteria to be accepted into our treatment program. The interview and assessment also provides a therapeutic arena for the client to make a decision to enter treatment voluntarily. All admissions are voluntary.


Admissions & Orientation

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The admission and orientation process is designed to acquaint the client with the policies and expectations of the program, their level of care as well as their personal rights. The intake and orientation process also allows an opportunity to conduct a further assessment. Within 24 hours of arrival, the staff completes a Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment to gather information regarding the client’s history of alcohol and/or drug usage. This Assessment also helps identify any personal concerns, health issues, language barriers, and/or learning disabilities that will need to be addressed in client’s individualized treatment plan in order to allow the client to achieve maximum benefits from the program.

Individualized Treatment Planning

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Within 24 hours of transitioning to treatment, the staff and client develop a comprehensive individualized treatment plan based on the problems identified. Treatment plans include a description of the identified problems, short-term and long-term goals (if appropriate), methods used to complete client’s individual goals and discharge from treatment, along with any support services needed to assist the client.

What To Expect

When You Enter Treatment at STAR Recovery Center


Testing is provided to all clients, which includes a 12-Panel Test Cup (Rapid Response), Urinalysis (LCMS Analyzed) and Oral Fluid Testing (Saliva) and/or Breathalyzer to measure blood alcohol content (BAC) level.


All clients will be offered individual counseling at least once a week (or at least once during their stay if only in the program for 3-5 days) by a licensed or certified counselor.  Additional individual counseling will be offered if needed.


Group Counseling is a powerful tool for growth and change. All clients will be offered process groups at regularly scheduled times throughout the week that will be conducted by a licensed or certified counselor.  The value of process groups lies in the unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement, and feedback from other individuals in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.  These interpersonal interactions provide group members with an opportunity to deepen their level of self-awareness and learn how they relate to one another.

How We Can Help Men

Find Recovery from Drugs & Alcohol

Star Recovery Center is on a mission to help men overcome substance abuse once and for all. Our truly individualized addiction treatment program offers clients the opportunity to recover in a healing environment that promotes long-lasting recovery from substance abuse. Call us today at 1-844-55-SOBER or click here learn more about our unique treatment programs.


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STAR Recovery Center is proud to offer aftercare planning services which include continued treatment recommendations.

More Services

That Aim to Achieve Long-Term Recovery


All clients will be offered educational groups at least five times a week that will be conducted by appropriately credentialed staff.  Educational groups are designed to educate clients about substance abuse, and related behaviors and consequences. This type of group presents structured, group‐specific content.  An experienced group leader will facilitate discussions of the material.

The topics of the educational groups will include, but are not limited to:

  • Life-Skills Training
  • Communication Skills
  • Coping Skills
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Distorted Thinking
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Sponsorship & 12 Step Introduction
  • Nutrition & Wellness Education
  • Relapse Prevention


12-Step Panel meetings will be provided in-house twice a week and attendance at outside self-help meetings (AA, NA, CA, etc.) will be offered to clients once they are medically cleared.

To locate an AA Meeting in Orange County, please click here

To locate an NA Meeting in Orange County, please click here


12-Step Panel meetings will be provided in-house twice a week and attendance at outside self-help meetings (AA, NA, CA, etc.) will be offered to clients once they are medically cleared.

To locate an AA Meeting in Orange County, please click here

To locate an NA Meeting in Orange County, please click here


STAR Recovery Center provides clients with transportation services to local community appointments.  Staff will arrange transportation to and from treatment facilities, upon admission and at discharge.  STAR Recovery Center does not provide transportation to clients who leave the program Against Medical Advice (AMA).


Addiction is a chronic condition that cannot be overcome by simply discontinuing the use of drugs or alcohol. It is a condition that requires proper care and treatment, especially if the person has been abusing the addictive substance for a long time. STAR Recovery Centers’ goal is to ensure continuity of care upon client discharge, whether that is residential treatment or placement into a supportive, drug-free environment with the proper aftercare support.

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