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Alcohol and drug detox is our specialty. Stopping on your own can be dangerous and can cause severe health problems, even leading to death. Allow our team of professionals to support and assist you through the withdrawal process in a comfortable environment.

We offer a unique individualized treatment process that includes personalized detoxification services that fit your specific needs when treating drug & alcohol abuse. Our dedicated treatment staff utilizes modern & traditional evidence-based therapies to help each client find their path to recovery.


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What Exactly is Detox?

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Detoxification consists of gradually and gently easing clients off the addictive substance. It is the first phase of treatment and is an integral part of the recovery process. Detoxification can last anywhere from 3-10 days. The length of detoxification is contingent upon the severity of use, characteristics of the substance used, current physical health status, and the availability of support services.


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Our program is designed to follow the directives of the referring physician. Within 24 hours of arrival, each client sees a physician and receives a detailed Patient Plan that our staff follows during detoxification. Clients may use any physician of their choosing and if they do not have a local physician in the area, STAR Recovery Center keeps a list of licensed physicians that specialize in Addiction Medicine. The prescribing physician will determine which medications are necessary to assist in combating the detoxification symptoms. All medications, except those that are non-regulated and available over the counter, must be prescribed by the licensed physician and labeled with the client’s name and instructions for use.

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Individualized care and attention are provided to each client during the detoxification process. During this challenging phase, our highly-trained staff closely monitors each client 24 hours a day.  Face-to-face physical checks occur every 15 minutes for the first 24 hours.

If at any time it is determined that the client requires more specialized care than STAR Detox Center can offer, the staff on duty will immediately notify a licensed physician for further evaluation to ensure the safety of the client. If the physician determines the necessity of hospital admission, then the client will be referred to a nearby hospital for more specialized care for withdrawal symptoms.


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STAR Recovery Center is proud to offer aftercare planning services which include continued treatment recommendations.

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STAR Recovery Center prides itself on teaching our clients how to be responsible, sober men. Our small, intimate setting allows each client to get the individual care needed to overcome addiction for good. Detox is only the first step in a lifelong journey in recovery.

Contact us today to learn more about our detoxification center and other addiction treatment services. Our innovative program offers the latest in addiction medicine and holistic therapies in order to achieve our ultimate goal of lifelong sobriety.

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