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First-Class Addiction Treatment in Anaheim California

Are you or a loved one suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction? Are you ready to overcome the problem once and for all?  If so, we can help. Star Recovery Center is a drug rehab in Orange County, located in Anaheim California. We are dedicated to helping anyone who struggles with ongoing substance abuse issues.

What makes Star Recovery Center stand apart from other clinical settings? We created a safe, sober space that truly feels like home. Our clients are treated as unique individuals with each given a personalized treatment plan best fitting to their individual needs, goals and circumstances. Our upscale and comfort filled facility includes home-cooked meals, genuine personalized care, and a highly professional and genuine caring staff.

In collaboration with our outpatient partner facility in Newport Beach, California, Star Recovery Addiction Treatment Center provides a full continuity of care. Our levels of care include detoxification, inpatient residential, and through our outpatient partner facility – intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment.

Star Recovery Addiction Treatment Center in Anaheim, California is accredited by the Joint Commission, certified by the state of California to provide IMS or incidental medial services, and licensed by the state of California to provide detoxification and residential inpatient treatment.



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Drug Rehab Center in Orange County


At Star Recovery Center, we offer accredited, IMS certified (incidental medical services), and medicinally assisted detoxification services in Orange County for individuals seeking safe and supervised detoxification from drugs and alcohol. Our trained and dedicated treatment staff is here to make you as comfortable as possible as you take the first step in the treatment process.

Residential Inpatient

Our residential inpatient program in Orange County provides structured, comfortable, live-in residential inpatient treatment for individuals seeking help with drug & alcohol addiction. Designed with individualized care for long-lasting recovery, Star Recovery Center utilizes modern, and traditional evidence-based therapies and counseling.


Through our partner outpatient program in Newport Beach (just down the road), Star Recovery Center in Orange County offers intensive outpatient & outpatient programming to individuals seeking continued care on their journey to long-term recovery. Services include sober living homes as well as job and education support.

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Since 2017, Star Recovery Center has been helping people who suffer from drug & alcohol abuse find recovery at our Orange County drug treatment center. Our small, intimate program was designed to treat the core issues that lead to substance abuse, and our individual approach allows each client to focus on the issues most relevant to their identity, underlying issues and goals.

In addition to our inpatient program, in 2019 we partnered with an outpatient treatment program that shared our approach and dedication to individualized care. Located in Newport Beach, California, our partner outpatient program provides extended addiction treatment through intensive outpatient and outpatient levels of care. It is here in outpatient that clients transition back into the real world while maintaining the therapeutic and counseling support of their treatment program. Outpatient services include access to sober living homes as well as job and education support.

From detox and residential inpatient to long-term outpatient levels of care, Star Recovery Center in Anaheim California believes in providing each and every client a quality, individualized and continuous treatment experience.

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Experience Treatment Like No Other.

Star Recovery Center offers a unique individualized treatment program that is tailored to each client's needs.

Whether it’s you or a loved-one who needs of help, Star Recovery Center offers a truly individualized program for each client. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating substance abuse. We pride ourselves on offering genuine personalized treatment options to everyone who walks through our doors.

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For people suffering from substance abuse issues, Star’s detoxification & residential inpatient program offers the best in individualized treatment. Star Recovery offers each client and their loved ones a uniquely hands-on personalized treatment experience that is tailored to fit their individual needs and circumstances. Family involvement is always encouraged and supported at Star with a variety of teletherapy options for family and loved ones during the course of treatment. Our partner outpatient program in Newport Beach provides quality continued care to those who need and want the benefits of long-term treatment. Through our trained, experienced and knowledgeable team, we specialize in treating substance abuse for both drugs and alcohol as well as the co-occurring mental illnesses that perpetuate addiction in the first place. With decades of experience, our all-star staff is here to help you find your best path to recovery. At Star, we lead with understanding and compassion in everything we do. We care! Welcome to Star Recovery Addiction Treatment Center of Anaheim California.




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Thanks to Star Recovery Center my husband and I finally have our son back. After a number of other rehabs, he finally found a program that was designed for his specific needs. After 3 years of sobriety we are still grateful to STAR for their role in our son's path to recovery!
Parent of STAR Alumni

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