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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To Help You Find Real and Lasting Recovery From Addiction

Our mission at Star Recovery Center is to help all those struggling with addiction improve the quality of their life through real and lasting recovery. Each client that enters our facility is provided the highest level of personalized substance abuse treatment care available. Through our accredited and certified inpatient program & our partner outpatient program, we are able to help people find lasting recovery and live a life free from addiction.

Our Philosophy

We Believe That
Each Client Is

Star Recovery Center is an experienced group of professionals in the field of chemical dependency treatment. We accept the responsibility to set the standard of treatment that is respected and emulated within the field of chemical dependency treatment. The staff at STAR Recovery Center will perform their duties at the highest level of professionalism, applying our treatment consistent with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level of Care.

Star Recovery Center understands that each client is a unique person with individual needs and circumstances. Throughout treatment, from detox to residential and into outpatient, we offer each client a unique and personalized treatment program. Star’s partner outpatient program in Newport Beach shares our approach and dedication to individualized care, and it is through this program that clients transition back into life with the support of their ongoing therapeutic program. We know statistically and from first-hand experience that long-term extended care gives the recovering addict their absolute best chance for long-term lasting recovery.

From detox and residential inpatient to long-term outpatient levels of care, Star Recovery Center in Anaheim California believes in providing each and every client a quality, individualized and continuous treatment experience.

Our Promise To You

Passion, Dedication & Results

At Star Recovery Center, we strive to provide professional, timely, effective, and individualized intervention when treating our clients. We value each client’s potential and work hard to help them identify their own self-worth. Caring for one’s self, believing in one’s self is essential to a successful path of recovery. We understand that clients in treatment will need to learn how to live their lives effectively, and we do not expect them to have all the answers. We recognize relapse can be a part of recovery and understand a critical element of treatment is educating the client to hold themselves accountable for their actions. This is achieved by focusing on positive, rather than negative reinforcement, and by supporting them with effective coping skills to help them manage their attitudes and behaviors.

First, foremost, and always, clients at Star Recovery Center will be treated with dignity, respect, and understanding. We teach and promote client accountability, responsibility, and honesty, and we as a treatment team hold ourselves responsible to these same principals. We provide client-focused treatment, while respecting our client’s choices, concerns, individual needs, and expectations for their own treatment. We respect and treat our clients as individuals, and we refrain from any categorical classifications, assumptions or actions. This is our promise to you.

Our Staff

A Team That Cares

Colleen Young, MFT

Program Director

Dr. Rafeal Penunuri, MD

Medical Director

Tiffany Monterroso, CADC-CAS

Chemical Dependency Counselor

Courtney Mix

Director Of Operations

Andrew Grer, RADT

Behavioral Technician

Michael Bender, RADT

Behavioral Technician


Stories of 
Thanks to Star Recovery Center my husband and I finally have our son back. After a number of other rehabs, he finally found a program that was designed for his specific needs. After 3 years of sobriety we are still grateful to STAR for their role in our son's path to recovery!
Parent of STAR Alumni

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