Inpatient treatment, or treatment for addiction of any type really, is a very personal affair. One where an individual’s comfort with the process and the facility are supreme in the level of its efficacy. If you’re not feeling quite right at a particular rehab or treatment center, not in a place where you’re able to properly open up or that you believe yourself to be an outsider, the process and program simply aren’t going to work as well as designed.

Often, discomfort in inpatient treatment derives from it being a mixed-gender experience. Men and women perceive and interact with the world differently, their genetics and biology vary significantly and so gender-specific recovery programs can frequently be an easy remedy to avoid an unnecessarily complicated treatment regimen. 


What Is Men’s Only Addiction Treatment? 

Men’s only treatment is just as it sounds, a treatment center that’s purpose-built to accommodate the needs of men on their journey to sobriety. Pew notes that men are more likely to face substance abuse issues than women, specifically, the National Institute of Health adds, men are 2 to 3 times more likely than women to have a drug abuse disorder. Men are also more likely to drink excessively according to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention.

Truly astounding facts and figures and given those dramatic statistics, it would be foolhardy to paint treatment with broad strokes and lump everyone in together. Not to mention the fact that the source of addiction for some men is based on, and borne of, relations with the opposite sex. Of course, that’s not to say mixed-gender treatment doesn’t have it’s own very distinct benefits, it very much does, it’s just that some men need that space to themselves, particularly for addiction treatment. 


Benefits to Gender-Specific Treatment

As another study confirming from the National Survey on Drug Use & Health confirms, men are twice as likely to develop an addiction than women, so catering to them in treatment has distinct benefits. Chief among them are:


As mentioned earlier, being in a comfortable place makes sharing those painful or traumatizing experiences easier. There’s a basic emotional understanding which lends itself to more trust and bonding. The safety in that type of space creates an atmosphere that promotes more openness. 

Fewer Distractions

Let’s be honest, being with the opposite sex can create distractions that take away from the inpatient treatment. Potential romantic involvement between patients can have seriously catastrophic consequences to a recovery program since folks will put more attention there than to their treatment.

At the end of the day, removing as many distractions as possible allows men to focus squarely on the task at hand; getting clean and creating the foundation for a sober life.


Because men and women lead such different lives, mixed gendered inpatient treatment may end up delving into matters that both sexes find not particularly relevant to their recovery. Being surrounded by men means an inherent relatability factor is already built into the process. Moreover, being guided through the process by specialists and medical professionals who can fully relate makes the inpatient process all the more effective.


Get Help With Addiction Today!

If you’re a man suffering the scourge of addiction or substance abuse or it’s your brother, father, uncle or best friend, there’s no time like the present to get help for the men in your life. At Star Recovery Center in Costa Mesa, California we fully appreciate and understand the unique needs and lives of men dealing with these issues. Our men-only inpatient treatment exists for that very reason. Reach out to us today and we can tell you more about it.