The rate of alcohol and drug addiction in the United States is on the rise. When it comes to seeking addiction treatment, you have to think about rehab critically and whether it offers the ideal environment & the right addiction treatment for you. Treatment programs for substance abuse focus on ridding your body from drugs or alcohol, group, and individual therapy, and prevention methods for relapse. It’s up to you to decide what kind of environment will help you heal the most. 

Why Should You Travel for Addiction Treatment?

Deciding to go someplace new for addiction treatment is a great first step to overcoming your addiction. By going somewhere new, you’ll feel compelled to complete treatment. If you go to rehab in your hometown, you can easily leave and return home. Treatment isn’t like jail, you can leave anytime you want. By leaving your familiar surroundings, you won’t feel like you have the option to just get up and leave. 

By seeking treatment outside your hometown, you’re giving yourself a ton of different options for treatment programs. There are a variety of facilities and programs available in the United States. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice by only looking at programs in your area. After doing research you may find a facility that specializes in exactly what you need that’s not near your home. 

The Benefits of Traveling to Orange County, CA, for Addiction Treatment

There are many benefits to travel to Orange County, CA for addiction treatment. First and foremost, the perfect weather promotes all-around wellness. Southern California is almost always sunny and warm. Activities such as running, hiking, and swimming are easily accessible. A big part of learning how to live without drugs or alcohol is becoming healthy and happy. Being able to exercise outside helps the brain release endorphins, the chemical that reduces pain and stress. 

Orange County is also easy to get to but can feel far removed from society. It’s not a place that’s known for partying or easy to get drugs. It’s a great place to travel to for recovery. It’s a calm place that has a lot of friendly people. It can be a place you may want to live in once you complete treatment. 

Another reason to travel to Orange County is there is a big recovery community. During and after treatment, there are an abundance of 12 step meetings you can attend. If you also choose to stay in the area and hope to begin a professional career in treatment, there are a lot of work options for you. It’s important to know that after you complete treatment, the real work starts. If you end up returning back home, your chances of relapse and falling back into old habits increase. By going to Orange County, you’ll see there’s a lot of opportunities to start a new life after treatment there. 

A treatment program should have everything a client needs to feel like they’re home. Orange County offers a safe environment with luxury amenities, beautiful weather, the beach, and a recovery community. Traveling from far to seek treatment from rehabs such as STAR Recovery Center in Orange County is a great way to begin your addiction recovery journey.

We want to Help!

If you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol or drugs, get the help you need. Untreated addiction is dangerous and can be fatal. The severe consequences can lead to serious health conditions, broken relationships, legal issues, and even death. 

STAR Recovery Center in Orange County, CA is the perfect place to start your addiction recovery journey. We offer detox, residential inpatient, and aftercare options. Simply checking into the nearest drug or alcohol rehab may not help and the chances of going back to addiction after treatment are higher than if you travel to a new place. Call us today!