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Drug Rehab Aftercare

Addiction Recovery in Orange County

Aftercare Planning at Star Recovery

We know from recent data, drug & alcohol addiction rates continue to rise throughout America. In the past, there has been limited access to quality addiction treatment. This includes aftercare services like outpatient treatment, individual therapy, support group introduction and sober living options. Thanks to changes in laws and insurance requirements, more people have access to addiction treatment options today than ever before. Here at Star Recovery Center, we understand that recovery from substance abuse is a lifelong process which is why we offer aftercare planning in order to set our clients up for success in long-term recovery.

What Exactly Is

Drug Rehab Aftercare Planning

For many people, the first step in the journey to sobriety involves a stay at an inpatient rehab facility. While this is a great first step, this isn’t going to ensure someone’s sobriety for the future. The journey must continue with a solid aftercare program. Without aftercare, many people are going to lose that newfound sobriety and end up back in the clutches of addiction. An aftercare program is designed to help someone stay sober in the future. There are numerous types of aftercare programs available to help people take their addiction treatment programs to the next level.

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The Benefits Of

Aftercare Program in
Substance Abuse Treatment

One of the major benefits of an aftercare program is that it can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual. For example, many people sign up for aftercare programs that are based around professional facilities. This might include a sober living home, where people are able to live in an environment that includes other people who are walking similar paths. This allows people who are trying to maintain sobriety to support each other. While some of these homes are operated by government organizations, most are run independently. These sober living homes are particularly important for those who might not have a safe place to return home. Some sober living homes will even help people find gainful employment.

Many aftercare programs will also incorporate therapy and counseling. Outpatient treatment is important for making sure that people stay sober once they leave the inpatient world. Many of these sessions take place in a one on one setting, allowing the addiction specialist to tailor the therapy to meet the needs of the patient. As people remain sober for longer periods of time, weekly visits may become monthly appointments, reflecting the milestones that someone has achieved in his or her path toward sobriety.

What to Expect

Aftercare Planning & Beyond at Star

At Star Recovery Centers, we have been tailored to help men overcome their drug abuse and addiction issues. We know that many people have trouble opening up to people they might not know. We also know that there are issues that men are only comfortable sharing with other men. That is why our approach is tailored specifically to the male patient population. Our staff works hard every day to gain the trust of every man who comes to see us. We have on-staff professionals that are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to ensure that everyone who comes to see us is treated with only the highest levels of compassion, respect, and dignity.

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Aftercare Services

At Star Recovery Center, we are a state-of-the-art addiction treatment program located in Costa Mesa, CA. We are here to serve the individuals and families of the Orange County, CA region. We provide luxurious amenities that allow our participants to put all other worries to the side as they enjoy the latest in substance abuse programming at our detoxification and residential inpatient program. To learn more about how we can help you with your addiction recovery journey in Orange County, CA. please contact us today.

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