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Drug & Alcohol Detox

Millions of Americans suffer from substance abuse, and thousands die every day from drug and alcohol addiction. For those living in active addiction, even the strongest willingness to quit is easily overcome by their fear for uncomfortable and many times deadly withdrawal. This is the vicious cycle of addiction – especially for alcoholics and opioid addicts. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, proper recovery begins with medication assisted residential detoxification. Supervised under a doctor’s care within a residential inpatient facility, this type of Drug and alcohol detox is the responsible first step to recovery. At Star Recovery Center, we provide clients a safe, supervised and medication assisted detoxification within the comfort of our fully staffed residential facility.

What Exactly Is

A Medication Assisted Drug & Alcohol Detox Program?

As detoxification is the process by which the body rids itself of addictive substances, a medication assisted detoxification program is the trained supervision and medicinal support of that process. Within a licensed and experienced treatment facility, the detoxification program is administered under the care of a doctor and 24/7 around-the-clock trained staff. Based on the type, amount and length of substance(s) used, the doctor prescribes specialized medicine designed to help the client safely detox and reduce their discomfort. As a leading addiction treatment center, Star Recovery Center offers a safe and healing detoxification experience aimed at giving our client’s a strong and healthy start in recovery.

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The Process of


When someone has developed an addiction, their brain has been rewired to believe that it requires the addictive substance to remain alive, and it can be hard to reverse this wiring. When the addicted body feels threatened by cutting off its supply of drugs or alcohol, it manifests pain and stress in the form of withdrawal. This challenging process is called detox and it is the first and most critical step during recovery. During a supervised detox, the goal is to remove toxins from the body as safely and with as little discomfort as possible. This process is going to last for different lengths of time and produce different levels of discomfort depending on what substances have been used, how much and for how long. A person’s overall health and age can also be a factor. The overall detoxication experience, good or bad, will set the tone for a client’s continued willingness and determination for recovery. Considering this, it is important for people to know how it works.


Drug & Alcohol Detox in Orange County

When someone arrives at our treatment center for detox and treatment, they are usually either in the early stages of withdrawal and not feeling well, or they are intoxicated having just recently used prior to arrival. Upon arrival to the facility, the individual client is given an immediate medical evaluation to ensure their safety, and a substance abuse assessment to determine the best detoxification plan for their specific condition. This stage of admission is commonly referred to as intake. Based on this determination, the doctor prescribes a regimen of both OTC (over the counter) comfort aids as well as prescription medicine designed to safely and slowly taper the client off of the substance(s) they are using. In most cases, prescribed detox medicine is available between 12 and 24hrs after arrival; however, each situation is different. Remember, the specifics regarding any detox including length, severity, and types of medicine used will be based on many factors including client health, the type of substances used, how much and for how long. Upon completion of intake, the client is orientated to the facility, assigned a comfortable bedroom and detox begins.


Monitoring Detox and Emergencies

Addiction is incredibly destructive to the body, and many times the damage is not visible or easily identified. At Star Recovery Center’s Orange County Detox, clients are closely monitored by trained staff from the moment they arrive and throughout their time in treatment. During detox, vitals are taken multiple times a day and overnight to help ensure their safety. If at any time a client presents with any heightened medical issues or medical emergencies, they will be immediately transported to our local partner hospital for evaluation and stabilization. Once deemed medically stable to return to treatment by the hospital, the client will be returned to our facility to resume treatment.


Drug & Alcohol Detox

Even with strongest willingness to quit drugs and alcohol, the fear and danger of going through the detox process alone will force many people to relapse – using more drugs and alcohol to avoid the pain and health risk of withdrawal. When someone goes through the detox process in the presence of trained professionals, he or she is less likely to relapse. Within a facility, the client is supported, monitored and attended to. Furthermore, detoxing under the care of a doctor with prescribed medications makes the discomfort much easier to bear. These medications might include pain medication to remove discomfort, anti-inflammatory and fever medication, anti-nausea and anti-seizer medication and of course detox medications such as Buprenorphine.

Like any journey, getting off to a good start gives you momentum for the journey ahead. The same is true for the journey of recovery and it starts with detox. The more comfortable and positive your detox experience is, the more momentum you have for your long-term recovery; the more traumatic, the harder it is to keep going. In our upscale facility, client’s experience comfortable rest, peaceful surroundings, attentive staff and, depending on the substance(s) detoxing from, a variety of detox medications prescribed by a doctor. As a client of Star Recovery Center’s Detoxification program in Orange County, we make sure you have everything you need to have the best start to you recovery.


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At Star Recovery Center, we are proud to be a state-of-the-art addiction treatment program located in Anaheim, CA. We serve clients from across the country and locally in the orange county area. Our goal is to serve each and every client with personalized addiction treatment and recovery options that have been tailored to meet their individual needs. With luxurious amenities and the latest in substance abuse programming at our detoxification and residential inpatient program, we place the needs of our patients first. To learn more about how we can help you break free from drug abuse, please contact us today!

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Detoxing alone can be very dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Detoxing in a facility will provide the medical care that recovering addicts need, as well as support after detox.

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