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A Men's Only

Drug & Alcohol Detox

The journey to recovery during addiction treatment is a long one; however, there is a saying that every journey begins with a single step. For many years, people with addiction had limited treatment options. They might not have known exactly where to look for help. Now, thanks to increased funding for addiction treatment and recovery options, there are multiple options available to those who need help. One of the options that people might not know about is called detoxification, also called detox. When it comes to detox in Orange County, there are a few important points that everyone should know.

What Exactly Is

A Men's Only Drug Detox Program?

Addiction impacts everyone differently. This includes genders. Men and women experience addiction differently and it is important for everyone to have access to the addiction treatment resources they need to make a full recovery. At a men’s only addiction treatment, men will have access to counselors and therapists who understand their individual needs. Furthermore, at a men’s only treatment center, participants are going to feel more relaxed. They might be more willing to open to not only their counselors but their peers during group treatment sessions. This is one of the major advantages of seeking out addiction treatment options that are tailored to someone’s individual needs.

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The Process of


One of the first steps during the recovery process is called detoxification. This is often shortened to detox. During detox, the goal is to remove toxins from the body. When someone has developed an addiction, their brain has been rewired to believe that it requires that addictive substance to remain alive. It can be hard to reverse this wiring. This challenging process is called detox. This process is going to last for different lengths of time depending on what substance someone is addicted to. Because these are often the first steps in the recovery process, it is important for people to know how this works.

What to Expect at our

Men's Drug Detox in Orange County

When someone shows up at an addiction treatment center for detox purposes, they are early on in the recovery process. Often, people who show up for detox used drugs or consumed alcohol only a few hours ago. During detox treatment, people are going to be supervised closely by trained medical professionals. This is important because patients are going to end up going through withdrawal in just a few hours. Furthermore, some of the symptoms associated with withdrawal can be life-threatening. These symptoms can be hard to bear alone and this is a common time for people to relapse. This is what makes the cycle of addiction so challenging. Fortunately, there are a few benefits of professional detox treatment that people will enjoy.

The Benefits Of

Drug & Alcohol Detox

When someone goes through the detox process in the presence of trained medical professionals, he or she is less likely to relapse. During the withdrawal process, people may become tempted to take drugs just to put a stop to the symptoms. With the close supervision of trained medical professionals, this is not going to happen. Furthermore, there are medications that medical professionals can provide someone that will make the symptoms easier to bear. This might include pain medication to remove some of the discomfort and anti-inflammatory medications to treat fevers. Of course, if someone has seizures (which can happen during withdrawal from alcohol and benzodiazepines), medical professionals can treat them. These are a few of the most important benefits of addiction treatment that specializes in detox.


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At Star Recovery Center, we are proud to be a brand new, state-of-the-art addiction treatment program located in Costa Mesa, CA. Our goal is to serve everyone in the Orange County, CA area by providing them with addiction treatment and recovery options that have been tailored to meet their individual needs. With luxurious amenities and the latest in substance abuse programming at our detoxification and residential inpatient program, we place the needs of our patients first. To learn more about how we can help you break free from drug abuse, please contact us today!

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This type of treatment will allow clients to stay focused without distractions of the opposite gender. Single-gender treatment also allows recovering addicts to alleviate stress and hone in on their sobriety.

Detoxing alone can be very dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Detoxing in a facility will provide the medical care that recovering addicts need, as well as support after detox.

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