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Why Treatment Is Needed

Addressing Addiction in America

Addiction impacts countless individuals and families across the country on a daily basis, over 23 million according to SAMHSA data (although most professionals put the number at over 40 million). Substance use disorder can be difficult to overcome, however, recovery is possible through treatment. For many people, they might be wondering where they can turn to for help. They may feel like they are on their own and that there is no escape from drug & alcohol addiction.

Fortunately, the stigma surrounding addiction, treatment, and the recovery process have changed over the years. Although attitudes have changed, the stigma around addiction still remains. At Star Recovery Center, a drug & alcohol treatment center in Orange County,  we are judgement free and actively seeking to end the stigma of addiction. Prior to these relatively recent changes, it was a difficult process for people to find help. Today, those addicted to drugs & alcohol have access to more treatment options than ever before. Residential inpatient is one of the highest levels of care offered, which typically takes place the detoxification is complete. Some drug rehab facilities have been designed to be gender-specific, like Star Recovery Center. This means treatment for only-men or only-women in order to treat the unique needs of each gender when it comes to substance abuse.

What Exactly Is

Men's Residential Inpatient Treatment

Addiction treatment comes in many forms and it is important to tailor the treatment process to each client’s individual needs. From our experience, we believe that men and women face different obstacles in active addiction and the recovery process. Men are also twice as likely to become addicted than women, according to a 2013 National Survey on Drug Use & Health. There are a number of benefits when utilizing a gender-specific treatment program. Many times, men may feel more comfortable opening up to other men in a group that doesn’t include women. Furthermore, at a men’s addiction treatment center in Orange County like Star Recovery Center, clients have access to counselors who are specialized in specifically helping other men recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

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What to expect

During Inpatient Treatment in Orange County

Residential inpatient treatment  is a place for individuals that are in need of a higher level of care when seeking treatment. At a residential inpatient treatment program, you can expect to stay at the facility for anywhere from 30-60+ days. Inpatient treatment is designed to be a round-the-clock supervised environment, where clients will live together while receiving intense therapy during the day. Studies show a healthy separation from the outside world helps many clients overcome addiction without the distractions of daily life.

The Benefits Of

Our Inpatient Drug Rehab in Orange County

At Star Recovery Center, our clients can expect one-on-one individual therapy with an experienced therapist, who specializes in substance abuse. Our clients will also attend daily group therapy sessions that utilize a variety of therapies and educational topics. The advantage of group therapy sessions is that you will be able to learn from the experiences of other clients in order to identify their common issues. We have made it our mission to help men recover from addiction and begin their journey of recovery in our inpatient drug rehab in Orange County. The choice to create a mens specific program came from our incredible staff’s personal experiences in early recovery.

How We Can Help

Our Orange County Residential Treatment Center

Star Recovery Center’s residential inpatient treatment program in Anaheim is here to help men find their own path to recovery from substance abuse. In addition to the constant support that comes with a inpatient treatment, clients will be able to learn from the experiences of others and learn to identify with each other. They will learn that they are not alone and there is help available. Through a variety of evidence-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Dilactic Behavioral Therapy, Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT), Experiential Therapies like hiking, beach trips, movie outings and more clients learn that recovery is the better option. One of the biggest benefits of our residential program is that you are separated from the toxic environments that lead to and continued your addiction. This means no distractions, allowing you to focus solely on getting better.


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Together, the staff at Star Recovery Center believes in the many benefits of gender-specific treatment.  We have made a safe space for men to work together to overcome addiction. Through our detoxification and residential program for men, we set them up for We want everyone who enters our facility to learn from each other and know that they are not alone.  Being separated from the environment that once drove their addictions, the environment at Star Recovery Center is one that makes recovery possible and attainable. If you are ready to change your life and leave drugs & alcohol behind, contact us today at 1-844-55-SOBER or to begin the admissions process, verify your insurance benefits and one of our caring reps will contact you shortly.

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